Every citizen who wants to secure not only himself and his property, but also to participate in the security of society as a whole, is able to assist law enforcement agencies in apprehending criminals, preventing crimes and terrorist acts. Able to provide emergency services with the help of the most accurate definition of an emergency situation.

The future is precisely such a unique system as “Finist”!

Install the “Finist” application on your smartphone and you will receive an audio / video surveillance system that is activated either by pressing one button or remotely – from Personal Cabinet!

Identity Protection

“Finist” is a mobile application whose work provides individual protection! The “Finist” application will allow you not only to protect yourself with an emergency notification tool, but also to provide additional security to your relatives, relatives and friends.

Install the “Finist” application on your smartphone and you will be able to instantly organize audio / video broadcast from wherever you are! All recordings of your broadcasts are placed in the cloud in real time!

In any situation, you will have access to all your broadcasts in the record. The loss or theft of a smartphone will not affect the presence of your broadcasts, and you can access them from your personal account at any time.

You have the opportunity to notify all necessary and interested in your security contacts and Emergency Services with one click of the “Alarm” button, about what is happening, providing them with additional data about the current situation – audio / video stream in real time indicating your exact geographical location!

Protect your loved ones

Install the “Finist” application and turn on the “observation” function on the smartphone you need and for a specified period of time! This will allow your trusted contacts, which you specify in your Personal Account, to find out where you are at the current time, and if necessary, turn on audio / video broadcasting from your smartphone. And in case of an emergency, call the appropriate emergency service for help.

Do you want to know where your children are and what they do?

Worried about elderly parents or relatives?

Does your “second half” need your support?

“Finist” is a unique tool that will not only notify You and emergency services, if necessary, but also allow the “observer” to control the security of the “observed” even without the participation of the latter!

Property Protection

We are accustomed to the organization of fixing emergency situations, or automated warning about them – this is the lot of complex and expensive systems. And the setting and operation of these systems is the lot of professionals.

The “Finist” will radically change your idea of it!

“Finist” is a mobile system that allows you to organize video surveillance of any object (house, apartment, summer cottage, car, garage, etc.) in a few seconds without acquiring additional equipment and without specialized knowledge!

Crime prevention

“Finist” – a unique tool aimed at preventing crimes! Often there are situations when a potential offender or criminal, seeing the irreversibility of retaliation for the alleged violation or crime, often refuses to commit it. Those. if a person who has conceived an offense, even unconsciously, sees that his actions will become public knowledge and refuse to commit it!

“Finist” is the very instrument whose work results in the irreversibility of punishment for the crime committed. Both with respect to the person and the property.

Using “Finist” provides an understanding that information about the incident will be available to both law enforcement agencies and society as a whole, and will stop the attackers!

Having an audio / video stream from the scene in real time, and simultaneously recording the broadcast in the “cloud”, with the inability to delete this recording, will force the attackers to abandon the offense.