How to install the application "Finist"?

You can install Finist on your Android device in 3 ways:

  1. If you are viewing the site on the smartphone / tablet on which you want to install the Finist application, then click the link. The Play Market (Google Play) application will open on the page of our application. Click the Install button and follow the instructions of the program.
  2. If you are browsing a website on a computer or TV and want to install the Finist application on another device, then:
    – launch the QR scanner on this device;
    – scan the QR code and follow the link offered by the scanner;
    – the Google Play application will open on page of our application;
    – click “Install” and follow the instructions of the program.
  3. Download from the site. This option may be required if you have blocked the Play Market or do not have an account (account) in Google.

    Unknown sources

    To do this, download the program “Finist” to the device by clicking the link.
    Downloading the file to your smartphone, open / install it.
    It is necessary to remember that to install applications not from the Play Market, you need the appropriate rights for your browser.
    Allow the browser to install applications from third-party sources ( On your own, without your permission, the browser will not install the programs.)
    To do this, the browser will offer you to enable the corresponding options by switching you to the settings of your device.
    Either do it yourself:
    – open “On of your device;
    – in the search bar (at the top), start typing the phrase “unknowns”;
    – the “Unknown sources” (or similar name) settings item will appear;
    – find the item “Allow installation from unknown sources” and turn it on;
    – go back to downloaded file, click “Install” and follow the instructions of the program.

    P.S. The site contains exactly the same file as on the Play Market. Signed, verified and secure!

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